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In the normal temperature dust filter
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  Polyester needle felt series of filter material using non-woven needle technology, and by heat setting and other treatment methods, widely used in industrial dust, dust control, etc.. Permeability is good, after heat treatment, the surface is smooth, not easy to deformation, easy to clean. Water repellent and anti - oil treatment of polyester needle felt filter material because of its water repellent properties, application in the high moisture content or a small amount of oil pollution, can prevent paste bag, prolong service life. Coated polyester needle felt surface composite a layer of microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) films with smooth surface, water repellent breathable, easy cleaning features, high filtration efficiency, low running resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, truly realize the surface filtering.

Polyester needle felt has special common bag gap felt cloth degree is high, good air permeability, characteristics of dust with high efficiency, long service life, because of its high temperature level is moderate, the moment is 150 degrees centigrade, acid and alkali medium characteristics but also has very good abrasion resistance, so it is a variety of the use of filter material in the greatest amount of felt. Weight: 350g/m2 ~ 800/m2, 1mm ~ 4mm thickness, width less than 2.2 of our factory can be produced, and can be cut to various width. The surface treatment method according to different requirements of working conditions, can be singeing, calendering or coating.
First, technical parameters
G weight: 500g/m2
Material: Polyester / polyester filament fabric
Thickness: 1.75mm
Air permeability: 16m3/m2 and min
Warp tension: >1100N/520cm
Weft tension: >1400N/520cm
Warp elongation: <25%
Weft elongation: <45%
Temperature: less than or equal to 130 DEG C
Postprocessing: singeing, calendering, heat setting

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