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The new cloth note
添加时间:2021-06-06 03:40:50
  1, the cloth around the filter board pressing contact part should ensure a smooth, no wrinkles, avoid extrusion filter plate damage or leakage of mud cloth.

2, avoid the ring tail too long may extend filter board pressing part of the damage caused by leakage of cloth, or mud, should be cut short tail.

3, the installation should pay attention to when there is no foreign body or larger sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate, the larger the sludge particles or foreign matter may be in the plate, causing damage or cloth filter plate.

4, the cloth installation should pay attention to positive and negative (on the surface of the mud mud and non surface), generally no special requirements, filter cloth (calendering surface) of mud. Otherwise the installation errors will be adhered to the cloth easy to plug, low filtering efficiency.

5, installation of filter cloth, filter cloth is not available to buckle lock tightly, otherwise the residual in the filter board pressing contact position within the sludge filter cloth will not be automatic cleaning.

6, spare cloth should be stored in a cool dry place, with dark shade cloth to protect, prevent ultraviolet irradiation, prevent aging cloth material.

Before 7, the installation of filter cloth, need to install the supporting cloth, its role in the mud, the filter cake is due to gravity and friction and wear down quickly from the May bumps of the filter plate surface is reduced to the lowest level, to protect the filter cloth, prolong the service life of the filter cloth, and enhance the filtering effect the installation method, installation method can support the cloth box cloth is roughly the same as the reference.

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