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How to choose the correct filter
添加时间:2021-06-06 03:40:56
  1, the shape of the filter residue. Solid shape in the filtrate is hard to consider the wear resistance of cloth. The size is not uniform, and the water chestnut, and the choice of different basis. The best wear resistance is on the cloth and economy cloth.

2, the temperature of the filtrate. The temperature also affects the filter cloth and the working efficiency is higher if the temperature of the filtrate, then you should choose the highest temperature on the cloth.

3, the consistency of the filtrate. Cake smooth surface adhesion type, the filtrate can quickly from the filter cloth in dialysis filtration, short time, high efficiency. If the filter residue with adhesion, filtration time is also president, the efficiency of course, the corresponding reduction, the stronger the adhesion, the lower the efficiency. Now we must choose monofilament filter cloth or satin weave cloth.

4. The acidity and alkalinity of filtrate. Suitable selection of different base cloth. The strongest acid is the strongest alkali resistant polyester filter cloth, the cloth is vinylon. At the same time with the acid is a polypropylene fiber filter cloth.


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