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      Tiantai Changyuan cloth factory is located in Pingqiao Town, Tiantai County of Zhejiang province with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Factory has the most advanced non - edge loom and loom. The main production of polyester filter cloth 621, 747, 758, 3927, 120-7, 8222; 750A, 750B 750AB, polypropylene fiber filter cloth, 108C, 521 and 4212. The 108C, 750AB, and other 8222 industrial fabric imported machine production, edge loom thickness, density reached the advanced level. Monofilament filter cloth production are: polypropylene monofilament polyester monofilament filter cloth, filter cloth, nylon monofilament filter cloth, widely used in coal production, dairy processing, beer malt filtering, aluminum filtration, to fill gaps in the domestic production of monofilament filter cloth in industry applications. The company production of cloth in the chemical industry, smelting, steel, sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, nonferrous metal smelting, casting, carbon black, machinery, electric power, coal preparation plant and other industries. The products are exported to all over the world, to become industrial fabric manufacturers at home and abroad excellent supply.

      Filter press, filter cloth produced by our company are applicable to all sectors of the vertical filter plate, filter cloth, centrifuges, belt filter, pulse dust removal fan, dust removal equipment and so on, all the staff of the company dedicated to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

      Sincerely welcome all customers to visit and cooperation! To create a better tomorrow!

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